"Attraverso la scuola " the international design competition for the construction of an educational centre of excellence for hospitality and agri-food of Ariano Irpino is meant to be an example of good practice that, starting from the very sensitive issue of school buildings, could lead to a virtuous experimentation capable of grasping aspects of innovation in a variety of fields, in the effort of ameliorating the city and the quality of life of those who inhabit it.

ariano irpino plan

attraverso la scuola


attraverso la scuola

The cathedral bell tower, reconstructed following the 1980 Irpinia earthquake, and the remains of the Norman castle inserted into the public park, are ideally hinged at the competition site, which becomes the future intersection point between the hilly landscape on which Ariano Irpino stands and the dense building fabric of its historic centre that draws delightful open areas and streets.

The area of the former Hotel Terrazze Giorgione, through the design competition for the construction of the school of excellence, takes up, on the one hand, the challenge of building a new idea of school, and on the other hand, of regenerating the city’s urban quality, sorely strained by repeated seismic events during the twentieth century.